36 inches Inflatable Bouncy Ball kids Funny Toy Ball Amazing Inflatable Balls for Kids Outdoor Play Summer Beach Ball Game




36 Inches Bouncy Ball

  • Parameters:
  • Name: Inflatable Ball
  • Material: TPR
  • Process: soft rubber
  • Balloon type: toy balloon
  • Shape: round
  • Color: pink, transparent, blue, green
  • Size(approx.):
  • Inflatable diameter๏ผšabout 70cm
  • Applicable scenes: outdoor toys, line up parties, birthday gifts, stools, sports and entertainment supplies
  • List of 36 Inches Bouncy Ball :
  • 1 * Inflatable Bouncy Ball

GET OUT AND PLAY – Great for outdoor games and exercise, encouraging active play, and developing new skills and coordination; use it for active indoor recreation to cut down on screen time, too. Also, this leads to a great way of building friendship and camaraderie with others.

GREAT PERFORMANCE – This huge ball may be made with fun in mind, but it performs like a champ to let you play all your favorite games. Create and play fun, simple games with these colorful balls. Suggestions include playing catch and playing dodgeball.

CRAFTED FOR PLAYING TOGETHER – At the school playground or park, at the beach or in your own yard, this large ball will give you a great way to enjoy time with friends and family; take it along on vacation or start a game to make new friends.

DURABLE AND SAFE – This inflatable ball is made with high-quality rubber materials to maintain its shape, resist punctures and leaks, and ensure safety. Sold deflated to easily take on road trips. Pump not included.

SPORTING BALL IN EYE-POPPING SHADES – Order today and get ready to play. Kickoโ€™s Pack includes 1 multicolored, 16โ€ playground ball. Get this rainbow ball with lots of mix of vibrant colors.

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