Barbecue Liners Pan Fry Liner Pads Reuseable Baking Mats Non-stick Mats Cooking Tool Sheet Pad

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Barbecue Liners Pan Fry Liner Pads Reusable Baking Mats Non-stick Mats Cooking Tool Sheet Pad

Color of Barbecue Liners Pan Fry : Black
Material: Base cloth glass fiber cloth + Teflon coating
Style: Barbecue Mat
Package:1*Barbecue Mat

Specifications of Barbecue Liners Pan Fry :

Useful design and high quality
High temperature resistant material
Useful in collecting the oil
Easy to wash
Good item in daily life.

PERFECT CONSISTENT RESULTS: Silicone/fiberglass hybrid construction helps to distribute heat evenly along the entire baking surface therefore you always get perfect consistent results every time you bake – no more burned and under-baked spots. Look at the pictures of the bread I cooked. Its perfect all around!

REUSABLE & ECONOMICAL: These eco-friendly non-stick mats can be used again and again therefore saving money on sprays oils and butter plus parchment paper aluminum foil and other standard pan and sheet preparation materials as well as eliminating waste after use.

No need for oil cooking sprays or parchment paper

OVEN/MICROWAVE/DISHWASHER/FREEZER SAFE – DURABLE & LONG LASTING: Its flexible yet tear resistant and designed to withstand thousands of uses under extreme conditions of bitter cold and intense heat (from -40F to up to 480F).

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