Golf Training Stick


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Golf Training Stick

PGM Golf Swing Trainer Simulator Club Wand Beginner Posture Correction Teaching Training Stick Accessories Right Left Hand HL004

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Golf swing stick
Item No.: HL004
1. Double-grip swing stick, only one shot in hand from entry to proficiency
2. Innovative integrated design, safe and stable
3. Improve swing stability, deepen muscle memory, and increase hitting distance

6 Levels Adjustable Power Bullet: With the 6 adjustable power bullet design,

you can maximize your training with the training stick for all the speed, strength, and distance! When you swing correctly and strengthen enough, the magnet will separate and hit the bottom to create a clear and pleasant sound.

Custome Formed Training Grip: Our golf swing aid comes with a custom formed grip (for a right-handed golfer only), this feature will ensure.

you grip the golf swing trainer aid correctly every single time. Good to keep your memory and the habit of proper grip.

Golf Training Stick

Improve Tempo, strength, and Control: It will strengthen your muscles when you swing with the training aid.

When the swing is strong enough, the magnetic ball will separate and produce a clear and pleasant sound of the collision, giving better training feedback.

Maybe at the start, you can only do level 3 or more easily, if you do maybe 10 min every or about 100 swings per day at home, you will quickly see you can start to move up the numbers.

Warm-ups & CARRY OUT: Convenience size, perfect for outdoor & indoor swing training aid anytime, anywhere.

Meanwhile, this swing tempo trainer is good to warm up your body before the round. Taking 10-20 swings a day with a golf tempo stick will improve your swing speed and power, take you further in real tournaments.

SUITABLE BEGINNERS & ENTHUSIAST GOLFERS: This product is designed for beginners to quickly grasp the correct grip position and correct golf swing action.

Also for enthusiast golfer who wants to strengthen swing tempo, power, and flexibility. Please feel free to contact us when you need it, we will give you the best support.

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