Grooming Kit Hair Clipper Electric Shaver Nose Hair Trimmer LCD Display USB Charging Cordless Hair Clippers

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Grooming Kit Hair Clipper Electric Shaver Nose Hair Trimmer LCD Display USB Charging Cordless Hair Clippers

Multifunctional Clipper:
Electric hair clipper
Electric shaver
Nose hair trimmer

Material: Steel blade + ABS shell
Voltage: 110-240V 50Hz
Power: 5W
Charging time: 1.5 hours
Usage time: 120-180 minutes
Power Source: Rechargeable
Battery: 800mAh
Color: Black
Weight: 450g
Product acessories:
T Barber cutter head*1+shaving cutter head*1+nose hair cutter head*1+U Barber cutter head*1+V Barber cutter head*1+USB data cable*1+English manual* 1+Cleaning brush*1+4*Limit comb+base*1

There are 5 changeable heads for choose.
1) full size of hair trimmer head is for hair/beard trimming.
Always comb your hair/beard before starting.
Select comb attachment which one the cutting length you want, then put it on.
There are 4pcs comb attachments, the cutting length is 3mm/6mm/9mm/12mm.
Put on the switch, cut your hair by gliding the appliance in the direction of growth.
2) precise hair trimmer head, there is 1pc comb attachment, cutting length is 4,5,6,7mm.
3) specifie hair trimmer head
4) nose trimmer head
Tum on the switch and crfully insert the tip of the outer blade into your nostril or an
ear hole to trim the nose and ears hairs.
5) shaver head
Before eleaning the grooming set, check that it is switched off and unplugged.
1 Remove all accessories.
2 Use brush to cleaning the hairs om tho heads.
3. Never immerse the appliance in water. Clean the body of grooming set with a slightly moist soft cloth.
4.Afer cleaning. lubricate with 2/3 drops lubricating oil 1o the blades.

Further Specification:

The Retro Streamlined Shape: Accordingly, this grooming kit fits the hand of the hairstylist, easy to grip & operate. Comfortable Handle: So, this kit easy to hold & operate. Thus, it’s an Exquisite anti-skid hole design. Moreover convenient to master and control, the kit body’s back hook is very suitable for storage & save space.

Beard Trimmer: Therefore, a hair trimmer is deep to the skin, more trimming & lower friction heat, & doesn’t burn your skin at high temperatures. So, USB charging, easy to use, charging for 2.5 hours. So, you can work for 120 minutes.

Choice: 1 trimmer has all for your choice of beard, head, body, & face hair styling for all your trimming needs. Thus, this kit is suitable for cutting & trimming hair, precise haircut, help create fashionable hairstyles. Furthermore, touch-ups between hair clipping & detail shaving, mustaches. Moreover, sideburns, goatees, stubble, nose, ear, other face & body hair!
LCD Display: The power status at any time & use it with confidence. So, The hair cutting tools are easy to clean & you can be cleaned under the tap. Also, be used in the shower, please be careful not to soak the hair trimmer in water for a long time, otherwise. So, it will cause damage.
Comes with 4 Comb Guides: So, with different sizes of 3/6/10/13mm, meeting different haircutting length needs. Thus, Fine-tuning to meet the different needs of hairstyle, 0.1mm for carving and 3mm for a normal haircut.


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