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Long Plush Dounts Dog’s Bed Cushion Calming Bed Hondenmand Pet Kennel Super Soft Fluffy Comfortable for Large Cat Dog House

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  • Made of long plush
  • Super soft and super warm.
  • Comfortable touch
  • Around 4 cm long plush hair pets love to sleep on it.
  • Easy to clean and wash.

Reviews (101)


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  1. Teresa

    Bella loves her bed! She has never slept in a doggie bed. So I was shocked that she likes so much

  2. Ruth Pennington

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  The puppy jumped right on the bed as soon as he saw it.

  3. Kindle Customer

    My shih tzu Dottie Jean beauty queen is 15 and NEVER liked a bed until she started using a fleece hoodie of mine.I got her this bed instead because it advertised the softness and deep hugging feeling that she absolutely loves. She can nestle instead of just laying flat. It was a great value at only 14.89 with a coupon. She s only 8 pounds and we got her the small size. She loves chilling in there and my hubs and I finally got a nights peace after weeks of her pacing the bed and floor trying to get comfortable in her old age.Highly recommend

  4. Rob J

    Nice bed for a small dog. I have washed it multiple times in the washing machine and dried it on low heat in the dryer with no issues. Would buy again

  5. Jennifer

    Easy to clean very soft and soothing to your pet. I would definitely recommend this for any pet.

  6. judy mullett

    great bed for my 2lb yorkie he loves it

  7. Alejandra

    Super soft bed that my dog can t get out of! It is a bit smaller than expected- I have a 20lb beagle/ dachshund and he tends to stick out a bit. It is thick for the most part however he tends to lean on the side as it is not to too sturdy. Overall a good buy though- especially for smaller dogs. Easy to clean as well.

  8. Ruby Quintana

    I love this bed! Helpful hint I threw in the dryer for 5 min after I opened it. The reason being to fluff it out. Our paw baby loves it and already making himself comfortable in it!

  9. Carter

    My girls love these beds. No longer need a thunder shirt in storms. I have about 5 around the house. I even put one in the crate I use in the car and now they just curl up and sleep.

  10. Kevin

    My Chihuahua will not leave the bed! He loves it! So soft!

  11. Michele

    I ve been struggling to find a beg for my dog that he likes. When I discovered he liked laying on a pillow I found this bed. It seems well made and even though I haven t washed it yet it seems like it would hold up. It s very soft with fluffy borders. The bottom doesn t have much fluff in it but that s what my dog loves about it. My second dog also loved it so I had to buy him one too. Great price and did it s job. My pups are happy so I m happy :).If you have an active chewer who likes to chew the bed this is not for you. It feels like a fluffy toy.

  12. Maria McNally

    My dog is very happy in it

  13. A. D.

    This bed is really nice and comfortable. Delivery was super-fast (received item the very next day after I ordered). I noticed my dog now takes afternoon naps since we got this for her (which is quite unusual for my hyperactive playful dog lol). She loves her new bed!The only downside of this bed is the size. The bed runs small. My dog s a medium-sized dog so I got the medium-sized bed but she barely fits into it. I still will give it 5 stars for the soothing comfort it brings my dog.

  14. mel musto

    Very cozy and relaxing for my dogs they love it!

  15. B. Williams

    This is one of the first purchases I got for my Malshi( maltese/shitzu) Brooklyn. She loves it! She now drags it to her favorite spot of the day along with her toy of

  16. Saisha S.

    Our dog loves this bed. She goes from room to room looking for it. We have bought several other beds for her and this is her favorite by far.

  17. Redinmd

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I bought this thinking my son s kittens would share it since they seem to cuddle up together on his bed when they nap. They absolutely love this bed but they seem to use it solo. I had to buy another one. Fyi I tried a cheaper one the second time around since this one was no longer on sale but ended up returning that one and buying a second one of these full price. The cheaper ones don t compare at all.

  18. SG Reader

    Got this dog bed for a rescue dog we just adopted. She went to it immediately and snuggled in and has loved it since.

  19. Alissa

    My 8 pound bichon loves this bed! I ordered the smallest one and it is the perfect size for him. So soft and the light grey color is nice.

  20. Deanna H

    We bought this bed for our 7 month old terrier pup. Unfortunately she considered it another toy to be attacked and torn apart. So we put it aside in our bedroom where the cat made it his favorite place in the house. He spends at least 12 hours a day cuddled down in it. Maybe when our dog is a little older she will calm down enough to enjoy a soft comfortable place to rest during the day and we will buy her another one.

  21. Mary P

    AWESOME bed for your little fur person. It is soft easy to wash and fluff.

  22. Wendy

    My dog loves it! It s so soft.

  23. rainingkidsndogs

    My dogs like it. I think it needs more cushion in the bottom. The dogs do like it though. I was worried about being able to wash it but I saw the listing says it is washable. I will put it in a lingerie bag for washing and hope it works out.The most important thing is that the dogs like laying in it so it stays.

  24. AmericanDutchess

    This was a big hit for our Bernedoodle puppy. Even though she rarely lays ON it she is always cuddled up to it. It s really plush and soft think it may make her feel secure like she s with her littermates.Update: I ve washed it several times in the dryer and it s holding up great! Still very fluffy and she still loves it.

  25. Casey Larson

    I bought this cat bed for my female (17year old) cat. She deserves a gift every now and then. I opened the package and she jumped into the bed like it was an old friend. She (my cat) stayed in the cat bed the rest of the day. Best buy I have made in a long time. Casey Larson

  26. M. Hammock

    So soft and comfy for my little girl! She loves it

  27. Kbr47

    New puppy was frightened at night. The bed calmed her down.

  28. Krystinhalz s Creations

    It s so soft and my baby likes it alot but when I wash it it s totally looks different it appears to be matted now

  29. shelby

    My cat loves her bed! Can t get her out of it! She now sleeps in her bed instead of mine so I had to put her bed on my bed because I missed her at night.

  30. Catriona Esquibel

    Even with my small dogs this was just a little small for them. In their other bed they both fit at the same time. This bed only fits one pup at a time.

  31. Amber Spiller

    I haven t had this but a few days so I couldn t rate the 1st or 3rd at this time. However my grandpup absolutely loves the softness!! Appears to be assembled well.⚠️My only neg is that they shouldn t squish pkg down compact and tape it as fluffing the sides back up was a bit of a pain. The box it shipped in was plenty big enough not to have to do that.

  32. INeedMeOne Customer

    My dog really loves to hide his head and gets really comfortable in this bed

  33. Fred L

    My 7 lb Chihuahua loves it. She s the boss and gave it 2 paws up

  34. Aaron Cochrill

    At first my dog wasn t sure about this bed. After a few days he seems to really like it. He likes the lip to rest his head on. I could have bought a smaller size. He is a Boston Terrier and weighs about 26 lbs.

  35. Cassie

    My dog loves it

  36. CeeCee

    After initial hesitation (I ended up washing it once and then he was fine) my chi absolutely loves this bed. Honestly he looks so comfortable in it sometimes that I get jealous and wish they made it in human size. Best dog bed I have ever purchased!

  37. JVF

    This little bed is super soft and fluffy. The rim allows the kitty to knead underneath it and get all snuggly. My cat spends hours sleeping in this every day.

  38. Gwendolyn Sharpe

    Zoey loves it!!!!

  39. Gail

    Love this

  40. Shari

    My new kitty loves it. I had to order another one for the dog.

  41. Dee Cook

    Nice and big! Great deal good quality!

  42. Melissa W

    I have a Chinese Crested He is on the large side of the scale at apx 25 pounds. I got the size small and he just fits when he curls up in a ball. He climbed in the new bed the day I brought it home. For more room I probably should have gotten the medium but he has curled up in it and laid down across it both so I say winner!

  43. kwallace

    I have the small bed and my cat loves it. It is soft and cuddly like a stuffed animal. Very nice pet bed perfect for my cat to curl up in.

  44. INeedMeOne Customer

    My dogs really take to the curve and a place to bury their noses when sleeping. Love this bed.

  45. Talitha

    Love this bed! My dog is a toy poodle and would rather sleep on this bed than with me! And it s super cute!

  46. Ana G.

    Love every thing about it

  47. INeedMeOne Customer

    My Jack Russell Mix Kermit loves this bed. I got it yesterday and he curled up in it right away. He slept in it all last night he was so comfy. Give this bed 5 out of 5 stars.

  48. anonymous

    Very happy with these beds for my pugs. Well made and fluffy but firm on sides.

  49. Jackie

    So Cozy! My anxious pit mix curled right up in his bed and snoozed out. I bought two one for the bedroom and one for the living room for when I m gone. Safe to say so far he loves them!!

  50. Mollys Mom

    Super soft. I have 3 dogs who all enjoy the bed…firrst one in the livingroom gets the bed!

  51. M.Mcclain

    My puppy loves his bed when first got it. He is 13 weeks old and still sleeps and drags it around.

  52. Kimberly Foster

    Very soft easy to wash my pug loves it!

  53. BC

    My dog and cat fight over this bed. It is loved by both.

  54. Maryellen Smith

    Very fuzzy and warm appearing. The cat and dogs love it.

  55. Jason B.

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

  56. Wendy D.

    My dog is about 7 pounds and LOVES this bed…it is so soft!!

  57. Blondie

    My baby girl loves to sleep on this bed. I have not tried washing this yet but it seems like it ll be alright.

  58. Deanna Carvana

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Softness my babys very happy girl

  59. daya colasacco

    This dog bed is good quality and so soft and cozy. My puppy absolutely loves it!

  60. Jam.j

    Not every cat bed is the same. I find cats to be very particular about everything. My 13 y.o. picky cat loves it. She spends 90% of her day sleeping so I m glad she s comfortable.

  61. Brendaj

    I bought this bed with the intent to have my small chihuahua be comfy and it surpassed my expectations. She loves it! She curls up in it and sleeps all night long!

  62. ASelf

    It s really great. Our puppy likes to nap in it when she isn t on the sofa with us. Glad we bought it for her.

  63. Tammy Alvarado

    This was a great investment 4 my furbabes if you do not have a this bed I suggest you get one because it s worth it .

  64. Jeannie

    My little dog loves this bed .It is roomy enough for her to cuddle down in.It is very soft.

  65. Blanca c

    My dog won t stop laying in it since I got it

  66. Gina

    My cat loved it

  67. Joanie

    Sides are not full very squishy not firm it s like a flat bed

  68. Clare02

    This bed is wonderful for my new puppy. The sides are a bit higher than I had anticipated but he ll have no problems getting up into this bed in a couple of weeks. It is incredibly soft. It literally “hugs” him when he s in it.

  69. Nikki

    Super cute and comfy. THE BEST dog bed. I ve order a another bigger because my dogs love this bed.

  70. Tito

    My chihuahua and cat love the bed. The packaging was weird. It was in a ball and all taped up. Once I got all the tape removed it “came to life” and was perfect.

  71. Sarah Z

    my little poodle loves this small fluffy bed my dog is 12lb and this size is fit him well if your dog is larger than this then you should choose a larger one.

  72. Deacondarling

    My corgi uses the bed as her daytime home base. She keeps her toys in it then takes them out then moves them back in. In between all that she parks herself in the bed for little naps. It must be very comfortable because she hasn t tried to destroy this bed.

  73. Ann Birch

    So soft and light weight. My dog never leaves the dog bed.

  74. jep

    These dog beds are so soft and my dogs love them. Both dogs sometimes use it but they also sleep alone. The beds seem to comfort them since they are enveloped in the bed.

  75. terra gengo

    This is so soft in comfy my Australia Shepard keeps laying on it.

  76. Jean

    My cats and my dogs love this bed! One hops out another hops in.

  77. Halley

    My pets love this bed so much!

  78. zhang

    I bought the large size. My dogs love this bed. I like that it s big enough she can curl up or stretch out or share with his brother.It is so soft and comfy.Highly recommendedThe sides are what makes this bed awesome as well as the orthopaedic pad inside.LOVE IT!

  79. Sherry R

    Very fluffy. I washed the bed before giving it to the puppy. It held up beautifully on the delicate cycle.

  80. Thewakaman

    From day 1 my dog loved laying on this thing and so far it seems to keep him calmer. He lays on it all day while I m working from home

  81. Karen Thies

    Very Soft Bed

  82. amy wei

    It s too soft to touch and very comfortable for dogs to lie down on. And it s just the right size to put in the washing machine. like

  83. Bonnie Bowman

    Very easy to wash!

  84. INeedMeOne Customer

    My dog loves this bed she is around 18lbs and I purchased the medium. We could have gone larger. She does seem to get hot in this bed.

  85. Tech18

    I don t know why but my chiweenie is obsessed with this bed. It s really soft and looks comfortable it s her favorite one.

  86. Logan T.

    Buddy took to this little cloud right away! He definitely approves. It s perfect for cold rainy nights like this one. I have never felt a bed as soft as this! He is a very anxious pup but this bed seems to envelop him in the constant hugs he craves!

  87. Ginny l.

    It is so soft and she snuggles right down in there. I have a little pug named Izzy. She is four months old. It s so comfy I think I need one for myself!

  88. KarenP

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Niko loves it. He drags it all over so it s where he wants to rest or sleep. At night my bedroom daytime in living room and when it s nice out on the balcony! He also puts it next to mirrored cabinet so he thinks another puppy is next to him lol.

  89. KJ Dell

    Perfect size (m) for my 12 lb cat. The sides of bed could be a little stronger.

  90. Francoise C.

    My dog is just sleeping all day now! She started wagging her tail the minute I took the bed out of the bag (I have to say she had tested the exact same bed at a friend s place before and that s why I bought it).I don t know why she loves it so much but I tried more expensive ones before and she didn t like them as much. Definitely sticking to this one now.

  91. Jim

    I think our new baby Yorkie will be very happy in her new bed!! It s very soft and super snuggly!

  92. Jan Eldredge

    My Maggie absolutely loves her new bed! It s so soft and fluffy she just curls up in it and sometimes I can t even see her as she is closest to the outer rim and just buried in comfort.

  93. INeedMeOne Customer

    The softest snuggliest bed my dog has ever slept in. She loves it!

  94. Rebecca Brindle

    This little bed looks super plush. All three of our cats are afraid of it for some reason so I put catnip on it to attract them and they just chew on the bed now! I think that once they get over whatever they fear about the bed that they will absolutely love it. We bought a larger version for our dog that she loves.

  95. M. Willis

    I honestly think it is too soft but our 11 lb dog loves it so I can t complain! It is also really small but just enough so make sure you check the measurements if you want it to be roomy.

  96. A. D.

    This bed is really nice and comfortable. Delivery was super-fast (received item the very next day after I ordered). I noticed my dog now takes afternoon naps since we got this for her (which is quite unusual for my hyperactive playful dog lol). She loves her new bed!The only downside of this bed is the size. The bed runs small. My dog s a medium-sized dog so I got the medium-sized bed but she barely fits into it. I still will give it 5 stars for the soothing comfort it brings my dog.

  97. Marcia Clavel

    I dont mind it it actually makes me feel better that i bought it for the price and its bigger than i expected.

  98. Rachel Evans

    My 1/2 yorkie 1/2 tea cup poodle LOVES this bed!! It is so soft and she just cuddles right in. I got it to take her to work with me and she just curls up in a happy puppy ball all day. I m now buying at least two more because its her favorite and a crazy great price!

  99. Denise R.

    Love For it

  100. INeedMeOne Customer

    No assembly required lol. Super soft though and my cat loves it. Just toss the whole thing in the wash when need to clean.

  101. marilyn

    My dogs absolutely love this bed. It is so soft and cuddly

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