New Original MR20GA Voice Magic Remote Control


Weight: 150g




Magic Remote Control

New Original MR20GA Voice Magic Remote Control AKB75855501 For 2020 LG AI ThinQ 4K Smart TV NANO9 NANO8 ZX WX GX CX BX series

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Condition: New

Brand: For LG

Model: MR20GA

Material: ABS Material

Quantity: remote control x 1

Battery Required: 2 AAA( batteries are not included )


The remote control not only works with TV models in 2020, it is also compatible with some TV models of previous years.

TV models 2018-2017 compatible with the MR20GA 

  1. W8/G8/E8/C8/B8/A8/SK9/SK8/SK7/UK9/UK8/UK7/ TN520S
  2. W7/G7/E7/C7/B7/SJ9/SJ8/SJ7/UJ9/UJ8/UJ7;
  3. UK6/LK6/LK5/UJ6/LJ6/LJ5(if there is Bluetooth on the TV)  

2017 TVs will be compatible with the MR20GA after updating the TV software in 2020. Note that, depending on the country, the supported TV models may vary.

2019 TVs compatible with MR20GA Magic Remote Control

  1. W9/E9/C9/B9/SM9/SM8;
  2. UM7/LM6/LM5* (if there is Bluetooth on the TV)

Instructions for using the Magic Remote control are in the TV manual.

LG TV series All Models of Remote Control compatible.

Compatible Models: It is applicable for your LG Smart tv Universal Remote AN-MR600G AN-MR650 AN-MR650G ANMR650A ANMR600 AN-MR650B AN-MR19BA AN-MR18BA etc

App Hot-keys:3D, Amazon, Netflix and Customize your own!. No programming or setting up is required.

This is the dedicated replacement remote control, not the original one, but the function is 100% the same as the original and it covers all the functions of the original remote.

important hint: This Remote Does not Have Voice and Mouse Functions.

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Intuitive Mice Like Pointing and Wheel Control

no programming required

Professional Remote Control – Replace Remote Control with professional manufacturing, stable characteristics, and high reliability.

It has the basic remote control function, when your original remote is damaged or lost, which can perfectly replace the lost or damaged remote control, meet your daily use needs.



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