New Smart Sweeping Robot Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Powerful Dust Catcher with UV Sterilization Function for Home Office Floor Garbage & Dirt Cleaning

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Weight: 950g




New Smart Sweeping Robot Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Powerful Dust Catcher with UV Sterilization Function for Home Office Floor Garbage & Dirt Cleaning

The smart sweeping robot can easily suck up dust, debris, hair, and other dirt.
Auto suction sweeper is widely applicable to different floor types, such as the smooth floor, tile floor, wood floor, etc.
So, then The vacuum floor washing tool uses a microfiber cloth to wash the floor in all directions without dead ends.
Hair dust remover has sensitive touch keys for easy one-button operation.
Therefore The household dust vacuum is small in size and powerful in function. Dust vacuum is easy to pass through soft obstacles and easily solve blind areas such as sofas and bed bottoms.

Color: Green, Pink
Noise: 45-50dB
Interface Type: USB Output
Product Size: Approx. 26x26x6cm
Clean Area: 120-150 Square Meters

Features of Sweeping Robot Automatic Vacuum :
4-in-1 Function: Vacuum, Clean, Sweep, and UV Disinfection
Ultraviolet Sterilizing, let your life full of health.
Strong Suction: It is easy to adsorb dust, hair, paper, reduce the pollution of bacterial.
Intelligent to prevent drop sense, to the edge can sense the height drop, know self-protection.
Low Noise: Gives you a quiet environment, you can enjoy yourself.
One key to start the operation, convenient and fast, the press opens the key cleaning task to the sweeper, clean after the completion of the press on the key to close the machine.

There might be a few color distortions due to different computer resolutions.
There might be slight errors due to different hand measurements.

Robotic Cleaning and Maintaining

High-efficiency particulate filter to keep the air clean, and fine dust particles remain in the dustbin to avoid secondary pollution.

Therefore the correct way of cleaning and maintaining will extend the life of your accessories.

Open the robot panel up

  1. Pull up the dust bin
  2. Open the dust bin cover
  3. Remove the filter
  4. Empty the dust bin
  5. Flush the dust bin, not wash the filter

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  1. Darius Littlejohn

    Mileage may very here, i have a lot of things that my robot got stuck on and struggled with during the initial scan, I actually got so frustrated I immediately wanted to send it back, but I’m SUPER glad I didn’t. after the scan was complete and I set up my virtual walls and split up my rooms this thing has been an absolute joy!

  2. Keith M. Dinser

    ‘ve had a Roomba for about 6 years, the kind that just bounces off of everything in the room, and this is a night and day difference in cleaning and features. My house is about 80% hardwood and even after running the roomba everywhere a few days ago, this thing nearly filled the collection bin when it mapped and cleaned for the first time. The carpet looks like a full size vacuum was run on it.

  3. Charles William Gustafson

    I could list a bunch of adjectives about how great this robot vac is, but there aren’t any that would do it justice. I’ve owned 4 robot vacuums and this Wyze vac is a completely different species, in comparison. When I receive new products, I am always concerned that I won’t like it or that I wasted money, but I can order any product from Wyze and be 100% confident that I will love it. I became a Wyze customer 2 years ago and if any company believes in quality over quantity, it’s Wyze. This is a real review. I am just a customer, but when they decide to start trading on the stock market, they are getting every penny from me. This company is a gold mine. Every aspect of it is the best. The engineering team and software developers are better than at Apple and you aren’t getting priced out. You could pay double for this robot vacuum and still get a very good deal. It is very precise. It thinks the entire time. It’s like nothing I’ve ever used. I love Wyze.

  4. Joe Zabel

    We’ve used this vacuum for about two months now, and are very satisfied. The WYZE has all the main features of intelligent vacuums costing hundreds of dollars more. It works quickly and has very few glitches that are easy to remedy. Most satisfying, each time we run it, we find a big clump of dust in the dust bin, and know that this dirt has been taken out of circulation in our house!

  5. Lamaina

    Had my trusty Deebot N79 for years. Upgraded to the Wyze Robot Vacuum and I couldn’t be happier. This unit is incredible, the mapping, suction, and how quiet this thing runs blows my mind. I highly recommend!

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