New Y3Mini Game Console HDMI TV Game Console HD Game Console Wireless Doubles Game Console 3500games

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  • Double six-key wireless joystick, double players stimulate PK
  • Unlike other game console controllers, this time our controller supports a six-button wireless joystick, which allows us to provide a different experience for gaming. The design concept is derived from the trend and trend of the times, and we widely accept customers’ opinions. Play classic games with your good friends or family members, remember a happy childhood, forget the troubles of life and work, please don’t miss it, be sure to choose it! This game console can meet your requirements!
  • Five emulator support, custom download games
  • The game console is equipped with dual wireless remote controls and supports five types of emulators: FC, SFC, GBA, SEGA, MAME. If you don’t like our built-in games, please don’t worry, you can download your favorite games on the SD card, support Players customize their favorite games and can play and download games by themselves. Let you be intimate with your family, friends and children and feel the charm of the game!
  • Game Zero-latency Support HD Output
  • DATA FROG Y3 Mini is a new game console that supports 4K TV and high-definition output image quality. At the same time, on the basis of supporting 4K TV, it is also suitable for displays and projectors with HD high-definition input interface. For the new game console, we have built-in more than 1,700 games, the game is close to zero delay, do not worry about game delay, high-definition game quality and classic game challenges, six-button joystick operation and other issues, this will be a very interesting game machine!
  • Low battery energy consumption
  • Low power infrared connection! The controller requires an AAA battery. Due to safety issues during transportation, our packaging cannot transport batteries. Customers need to buy in local stores.

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