Newest 10-in-1 Rechargeable Intelligent Sweeping Robot Strong Suction Smart Floor Cleaner Automatic Sweeping Robot Powerful Vacuum Cleaner Dry and Wet

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Weight: 580g




Powerful Vacuum Cleaner Newest 10-in-1 Rechargeable Intelligent Sweeping Robot Strong Suction Smart Floor Cleaner Automatic Sweeping Robot Powerful Vacuum Cleaner Dry and Wet

1. So,Then This mechanical smart cleaner is design to gets soil, pet hair and dust from wooden floors, marble floors and nylon floors. It can proficiently pick up hair, dust and dirt under your sofa, couch or areas that are hardly reach.
2. USB charging mode, with the built-in large capacity battery, it can be used repeatedly when fully charge, long service life.
3. The cleaner robot can clean underneath furniture, sofas, and other areas that are hard to reach, creating a clean and comfortable home.
4. Low Nosie & Purified Air. Advanced motor significantly reduces vacuuming noise, the rate of clearing away the dust is higher 99.7%.
5. Advanced Li-ion battery keep maximum runtime and charging performance for years, it can be used repeatedly, long service life.
6. Magic wheel and microcomputer control, it automatically changes directions when encountering obstacles, smart to use. The cleaner robot runs naturally around home to adsorb the dust and soil with the microfiber tissue.


Color: Black/White
Working Time: About 16 hours
Range of Application: Wooden floors, marble floors and nylon flooring.etc


Wet and DRY Vacuum Cleaner: The intelligent sweeper imitates hands to wash the ground, and therefore the external rotating wiper rotates at high frequency and high speed. Easily remove dust, stains, paper scraps, particle garbage, etc. on the ground. Enjoy deep cleaning and save time to try to do other things.

More Efficient and Energy-SAVING: Therefore the motor of the robot vacuum runs at high speed, has no excess power consumption, and has low operating noise, which may prevent the vacuum from disturbing you when working or resting reception. 1500Ah high-efficiency battery, low power consumption, long battery life.


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  1. ashley

    his vacuum is THE best thing since sliced bread and yes, TikTok made me buy it! I rarely write reviews but I feel like I need to shout it from the roof tops!! I have a 1200 sq ft house with laminate floors and area rugs, two kids, and a chocolate lab that sheds like crazy. This is my first robot vacuum so I don’t have anything to compare it to but I did a ton of research before purchasing. I received it less than 24 hours ago and have ran it through 5 full cleaning cycles and have emptied the dust bin 27 times! I don’t know where the debris is coming from. I swept and vacuumed two days before it arrived so it definitely makes me feel like my house is a lot cleaner now. And the mapping is spot on! It hasn’t missed the dock once either.

  2. Markb

    I was looking for my first ever robot vacuum but i wanted to prioritize some things that would benefit me and these are the things that made me buy this robovac!
    Suction.. Suction.. Suction!
    I wanted a vacuum that has a strong suction! 3000 ftw! Best in class for this year because other vacuum only gives 2000-2500. On a carpeted floor, suction is king because it can get to those deep embedded dirt and suck it all out! This was my priority because whenever i buy vacuum, i want power. Plus it still is not loud!

  3. tzenwahon

    This robot vacuum is one of the most enjoyable purchasingrecently! It has made my home cleaner than it has ever been.
    I have two dogs in my house, and their hair makes me very worried and busy. But now, the Mova Z500 could clean up all the pet hair on the ground, and could significantly reduce the amount of time I spend cleaning.
    At first, I was a little bit hesitant to purchase a sweeping robot because I was afraid that my dogs would bark at it or fear it. However, the robot vacuum works very quietly, and my dog doesn’t mind having a new ‘member’ in the house at all. Mova Z500 is also very flexible. It’s so slim that it can easily get under my sofa and clean up areas that I don’t usually notice. It can also quickly move over carpets and hard floors or over obstacles in the home.
    I also installed a mop to use the mop function, and it is so convenient! I can also adjust the amount of water on the mobile app. Even I adjust the amount of water to the highest level, it can mop my house at one time. While cleaning the floor, it will not produce too much water to make the ground wet and hurt the floor.
    I am very happy that I bought this robot and DEFINITELY would like to recommend it to my friends!

  4. Jean

    saving a lot of time to do house cleaning! it cleans all the dusts and have a mop! the mobile app is also good. importantly: it can work without the internet. Just need to connect only the first time.

  5. Natalie

    This is an awesome vacuum and mop All in one. It has a very large 5200mah battery so it can so my entire house on a complete charge. It is great for picking up animal hair. It has very strong suction power. Great price and value overall. It is so convenient and time saving. Im so happy and highly recommend

  6. SHuang

    I was skeptical of buying this in the first place, but it turns out to beat my expectations! Our apartment has hardwood and not carpet, with multiple difficult turns and corners for daily cleaning. The robot has great suction power and works well with complex layout like my living room. It’s able to get under most furnitures and can pick up my dog’s hair all around the floor! The user guide is straightforward and easy to follow. I haven’t got a chance to use the mopping feature yet, hopefully it can work well as it has been performing well so far! Strongly recommend!!

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