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Newest Virtual Reality 3D VR Glasses with Headset Super Bass VR Headset with Controller Immersive 3D Experience Auditory Enjoyment Humanized Design Full Screen Visual Wide-Angle VR Glasses for 5 – 7 inch iOS Android Smartphone

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  • 1. This model is a big headset integrated VR glasses with strong sound quality and stable quality.
  • 2. With detachable [large screen frame], both large and small screen phones can be used (maximum support for 7-inch screen phones).
  • 3. With 120 degree wide-angle lens, immersion is better.
  • 4. Myopia within 800 degrees can be viewed with the naked eye
  • 5.5~7 Inch mobile phone compatible
  • 6. Full screen vision, there is no more black box effect when watching movies,
  • 7. This model has good workmanship, stable quality and great experience. High-end packaging will greatly reduce post-sales problems.
  • Description:
  • Color: Black
  • Material: ABS
  • Headphone jack: 3.5mm audio jack
  • Features:
  • 1. This model is a big headset integrated VR glasses with strong sound quality and stable quality.
  • 2. With detachable [large screen frame], both large and small screen phones can be used (maximum support for 7-inch screen phones).
  • 3. With 120 degree wide-angle lens, immersion is better.
  • 4. Myopia within 800 degrees can be viewed with the naked eye
  • 5.5~7 Inch mobile phone compatible
  • 6. Full screen vision, there is no more black box effect when watching movies,
  • 7. This model has good workmanship, stable quality and great experience. High-end packaging will greatly reduce post-sales problems.
  • Note for iPhone customers:
  • When using this product, it is recommended to use Apple’s original headset adapter cable (LT to 3.5mm) for Apple mobile phones. If the adapter cable is not original, the button function on the glasses will not be used.
  • Product size: 19*20*11cm
  • Packing list:
  • 1 * VR glasses
  • 1 * English manual

Reviews (49)


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  1. Bezli

    If you have a passion for gaming especially games that come with VR modes this BNEXT VR headset is primarily designed for this purpose. It features the FOV adjustments to enhance and widen the viewing capacity. Also it comes with a unilateral myopic alignment feature to reduce the viewing distortions.PROSComfortable and safe to useAffordableComes with exclusive VR contents and appCONSLacks button functionalityGets too hot when used excessivelyViews get blurry at timesOverall I think it worth the money because it s cheap compared to those costly $$$ ones easy to use and does the job well.

  2. MS

    I ordered two headsets this one and one from a different company that came with a remote. The one that came with a remote looked the same on the outside but the difference in the lenses were night and day. The BNext was clear and could focus while the other set was blurry no matter how much I tried to focus them. The padding material was also much nicer on the BNext.I was so impressed with the BNext in comparison that I bought another pair and purchased a remote separately. I was expecting much worse for this price range.In addition to a superior product the company also did a good job of including documentation on setup and source suggestions for VR content.

  3. Cdeb5

    I originally ordered this and waited for weeks then I received a text stating it was undeliverable. It did not say why it was undeliverable. I waited another week my kids were disappointed. I went back to look and saw it was still for sale. I reordered it and I am happy I did. My girls absolutely love it. I have 5girls and they share the one.

  4. StickyMsgs

    I m always interested in experiencing VR since the first cardboard VR came out. This headset was functional and easy to use. I enjoyed using it for hours having a independent phone battery. Watched movies on it and other possibilities a mobile VR apps are capable. Easy to attach mobile phone and eye piece adjustments. I got this through Gizmo Edge and satisfied with this product s quality.

  5. Arpit

    Got this product delivered today. I must say this is really great for VR games. I played few games and lens quality is really amazing.

  6. Jessica

    Good for kids 8 and up. I bought one for my son then bought a second when my other son wanted one. Slightly bulky but they love them. They found all sorts of games and videos on their phones.Works with my iPhone 12 Pro Max one sons note 10 and one sons note 9. Easy to figure out. It s a fun activity during quarantine or rainy days or during sleep overs as the kids have fun trying scary games

  7. Hot Mocha Chocolat

    This is such simple fun and a great intro into VR. It came with easy to follow instructions which allowed for a very quick setup. Also came with some suggested apps to use for various VR experiences; they get addictive really quickly. I downloaded the google cardboard to use with it and tested it out with an android phone. no issues.

  8. Daniel

    Bought the goggles to be able to FPV with DJI drones at a Fraction of the cost of purchasing DJI Goggles. Use the goggles with an IPhone 6S Plus using Litchi App. Fits a bit tight but do work well. Amazing difference flying FPV with the Mavic Pro versus just having the phone attached to the remote. Only issue is if using smaller phone may not be able to get it perfectly centered vertically. 6S Plus fills the entire viewing area. Have not tried smaller phone to see how much of the viewable area is filled.

  9. dav am

    i didnt want to spend hundreds on a high end VR set but also didnt want to settle for a cardboard box to cover my eyes….after searching online for a while i ordered these without much expectation and was pleasantly surprised.its a comfortable fit and the adjustable lenses make it so i dont need to wear my prescription glasses. good value good buyif youre not willing to fully plunge hundreds into the vr market but are curious then this is the product is the best choice for you and your smart phone

  10. Paul W

    Very easy to use. My 10 year old used it and loved it he showed me how to use it. We watch roller coasters and many Sceneries. It 1st came with a crack I contacted the company and they replaced it immediately. I would definitely recommend this it s cheap it s fun and basically it takes time up in this pandemic.

  11. SantoshG

    It perfectly fits into your head and is adjustable lens is very good feels comfortable putting on. WHAT ELSE do you need?Everything looks so real that you feel like you start acting like the real character of the game or movie you watch. I was watching a 360 video of roller coaster. I immediately immersed myself into the video and just enjoyed the thrill.A big YES to this device. Reviewed by Niraj

  12. Jassn Elbinger

    I ve always been afraid to try out VR headsets for a mixture of reasons- too much money being uncomfortable to wear not working properly etc. Well this one from Bnext put my worries to rest! I love how I can simply use my phone- no need to download or purchase any further technology. It s nicely padded all around and allows for the distance and focus on the eyes to change so you can get a clear image fit specifically for you! I d highly recommend this product.

  13. Rambo

    The product is very good for the money. The design is basic but overall very useful for a virtual reality experience and they do a good job with providing everything you need. Happy i bought this for my first VR headset and i say give it a shot! I do plan on upgrading someday to even higher tech but I ll take this product any day.After about 1-2 hours it may feel somewhat tight around the eyes. That s my main criticism. (The sellers i spoke with were very nice about all inquiries and provided me with great customer service)

  14. Monte Welch

    My only problem is opening the phone holder in order to insert/remove my phone but in time it ll probably get easier. Using the headset takes a little experimentation to start in order to get the focus the way you need it and to take full advantage of the capability namely sit in a swivel chair so you can get the full effects of 360 VR . It ll take a bit of searching on YouTube to find VR s you like but all-in-all you ll enjoy your Bnext headset.

  15. PKG

    I got it yesterday and my daughter was super excited after seeing this .It s very easy to set up and there are lots of VR supported games online. For initial usage we downloaded roller coaster and it was amazing. My daughter started giggling as if she is doing it for real. Very nice product for kids and adults.Update :- After using it for a couple of weeks I think 4 star is not enough for this awesome product as it has kept my daughter totally engaged. This has become her favorite toy. So changing it to 5 star.

  16. khoward

    BulkyHeavyUncomfortablePresses on my nose so much that it is hard to breath.The left lense flops side to side when you move your head as it is too loose; might be defective.The straps don t hold well either. Have to hold this up with my hands to be comfortable enough to endure wearing and to be able to focus clearly. Given the lack of quality $35 seems high for this piece of equipment.***Edit***As others have noted this company is very serious about customer satisfaction and have reached out to me to make me comfortable with my purchase. It is rare in these times to have this level of dedication and service. The product that I received may have just been a defect and am bumping my review up to 4 stars because of the personal service. Thanks BNext!

  17. Richard Vega

    I liked the ease of loading my smartphone into the headset. With two other headsets I ve owned in the past loading the smartphone into the headset was difficult. Not so with this VR headset.

  18. B. Andrews

    We have used a bunch of these at one of the schools I work at. They are a very cool addition to the classroom. After seeing how well they worked there I got one for my daughter. She also really enjoys it. Cool product at a great price. Every now and then you will see refresh glitches but it isn t enough for me to care at this price.

  19. Vamsi

    Not sure what to do during this Covid lockdown and I Wanted to review this VR I brought a few weeks ago. It was tough to choose among a $20 google cardboard box to this $40 headset to the expensive facebooks VR….I picked this. The VR has few good things and a things that can be improved.1. The sliding dock to keep the phone is really good. It holds the phone firmly and nice. And is very convenient to slide in keeping the VR on.2. The adjustable lens option is also really good. It helped me and my cousin who preferred different widths based on our face structure.3. Lens quality looked good. It gave a really good feel on the visuals.On the other hand…1. Though the sliding phone holder is good. It gets struck frequently and I needed to move it back and forth get my phone out.

  20. TerrBear

    Ordered a set of VR glasses for a Christmas present then decided to get another set to help make certain the gift made it home in one piece. I expected the kids to want to play with these – and they did and so did the adults. These are just so easy to get going and use. I wear glasses and had no problems. Didn t even think about it until my sister asked if I it adjusted enough for me. My sister s eyesight is a bit worse than mine and she did have to make adjustments but had no problem getting rid of the blur. I am very happy with this purchase.

  21. CbinNH

    This is very easy to use. Fits all our phones including the larger phones (galaxy s10+). Isnt heavy on the head. We have all tried it and so.e wear glasses and didnt have any issues. This is perfect for the $ spent. It isnt something I see being used a ton so that s why opted for this model. Perfect.

  22. Luke Laukaitis

    I use this with a Samsung 9 if you don t keep the vent doors open your phone will overheat. Your phone is using a lot more processing power so your battery will drain faster when you use the VR you will also have to download Google VR to make it work which is in the structions this was very comfortable on my head had no issues other than my phone overheating.Go through the other reviews there is a lot of great information in themIf you are Frugal like me this was worth the price compared to the other ones that are out there

  23. Kent Smotherman

    First off I don t use this for VR but for FPV droning. For that purpose it works fine. The adjustable FD and PD is the main reason I selected this headset and they work ok. The elastic straps don t provide enough support and so the headset tends to be supported by the bridge of your nose mostly but that is my only real gripe.

  24. Nikhil

    I wasn t sure what to expect from the headset but once I tried it on and used on some videos and games as suggested in an email from BNEXT (thanks for that BNEXT) me and my daughter loved to play around with it.Especially the rollercoaster VR videos are a blast and could be hours of fun.This also sits nicely on my head without causingAbsolutely recommended.

  25. TlJarrel

    This was a gift for my 25yr old son who is a HUGE gamer however also a Chemical Engineering student in his senior year. Everything has to be just PERFECT in his world so I knew when he was happy with this I had hit a home run.

  26. Rosa Bell Lopez

    Bought this item for my eldest granddaughter. She is 11 years old. She enjoyed this item for Christmas. It is everything she was hoping for. It arrived quickly. I appreciate your fast response. Thank you very much!!

  27. Brianna Millard

    I bought this for my 12 year old son. He s had a blast with the horror apps. My only complaint is that we re having a hard time finding other games (instead of videos) for him to try. We ve only had it for a few days so maybe we ll find more as time goes on. But for now most of the apps we re finding are horror games or videos for rollercoasters sea diving sky diving etc.

  28. Kyle Van Vynckt

    mine doesnt seem to have the full capibility of adjusting the lenses . works left and right but not forward and back… its better than the carrdboard ill give it that.. the youtube videos are cool when it not double vision that is** Update I was wrong it just took alot of force to live the lenses… I just didn t realize that this format is cardboard is been discontinued. Not many compatible apps however the ones then company recommend have been decent.

  29. Elizbeth

    This headset is perfect kids! It s not the greatest VR headset on the market but for that price you can t beat it! There s 2 things I would change about this headset if I could:1.) There s no button on the headset to pause or go to the next video so you have to slide your phone out of the headset anytime you want to do this.2.) I have a very slim otter box case on my iPhone and even that s too big to fit in the headset so I have to take my phone out of the case whenever I want to use the headset.

  30. Manny

    Hey little word of advice. If you guys wanna sell a VR headset make sure your gaze button actually works. Otherwise I m stuck with a plastic paperweight that I constantly have to fiddle with. No wants to to keep taking their phone off and on a VR headset just to press a button cause you guys couldn t bother with using an actual plastic button.Edit: Review gets bumped up to 4 stars because customer service has been really good at handling the matter. Kudos to Dan for being excellent with handling the matter.Post-Post review: Seller now gets five stars. Dan did well resolving the issue well beyond what was expected. Just shows what good customer services does

  31. Sheila Corrieri

    My grandson loves them. Rollercoaster scared him a bit but very realistic graphics in the apos. Great for kids and adults. Sits comfortably on your head. Wind er rful gift for anyone.

  32. HeatM1ser

    I was interested in virtual reality but didnt want to have to shell out $400+ just to see if I d like VR enough to justify the cost of such an expensive system. I figured I d buy an inexpensive headset that was highly regarded by reviewers. Now I can see why this has such a high rating. Ive never seen an Oculus or Vive VR system for comparison but what I can say is that this headset is worth the money. Even if this is inferior to an expensive dedicated VR console this wil still enhance youre viewing experience. When watching videos I feel more captivated than if I watched the same video in standard format. You feel like youre part of the video…its pretty cool! The best part is that this is new technology so the entire experience is evolving daily getting better and better all around to the benefit of the users like you and I.I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is curious about VR but cant afford a dedicated system yet.

  33. Saurabh Gupta

    These are my first VR set. Have been wanting to try one for a lone time. Really comfortable and easily fits my iphone XS Max. Support is really great and they share all the app details early on. It helps first time users like me to get setup quickly.

  34. Chad W. Green

    This headset is not a VR headset with electronics built in (did you really think it was for the price?). This is a sturdy and comfortable headset that your smartphone slides in to. There are cardboard projects out there that do the same thing so make sure you know what you are buying. That being said I still recommend this headset if you want to play VR apps in comfort. The headset is comfortable with straps that adjust the fit. It blocks out outside light which adds to the VR experience. It comes with extra stick pads so that when you slide your phone into the case you use the pads to prevent the case from pressing side buttons on your phone.Overview of how it works:Download one of the many free or paid VR apps on your phone. There are lots of free ones to keep the kids entertained.Open the app on your phone then slide your phone into the headset.Put the headset on and play the game.When finished with the game you can close the app and slide your phone out.

  35. Jasón Elbinger

    I ve always been afraid to try out VR headsets for a mixture of reasons- too much money being uncomfortable to wear not working properly etc. Well this one from Bnext put my worries to rest! I love how I can simply use my phone- no need to download or purchase any further technology. It s nicely padded all around and allows for the distance and focus on the eyes to change so you can get a clear image fit specifically for you! I d highly recommend this product.

  36. Dijo Mathews

    The VR headset is really comfortable and a real value for money product. You can easily place your phone in the slot with space for the headphone wire to come out and it comfortable wraps around your head with sufficient padding around your eyes. The adjustable phone holder allows phones of all sized to fit in the slot and the lens adjuster allows you to position the lens in a way most comfortable for you. The bigger the phone more of an immersive experience you will have.

  37. Edison Sandoval

    Wanted to get a Google cardboard but didn t really want to deal with it getting messed up in my bag/ being a bit uncomfortable. So this thing comes with a really nice grip and was able to hold my Note 10+ perfectly which is one of the biggest phones on the market. I also wear glasses and this VR headset fits fine with them a little tighter compared to a Vive or an Oculus rift. The only thing that may be weird is if you use Google VR stuff and setting it up with a cardboard as there is no QR code that I know of for this headset. Changing interpupillary distance and focus is also extremely easy on this thing and the fact it s an option is great.

  38. Ranjith

    This VR head set is very nice and good build quality head set is perfectly fit for most of the phone and easy to use.and it comes with adjustable head strap and the lens also can adjust for our comfort.

  39. Ordinary Guy

    I love this! This VR smokes Google Cardboard out of the water. I received this product 1 hour ago and I and hooked already. I only bought this for the PH app lol and I am so happy I did. Now I just need headphones so I can turn the sound up :P. This product is so easy to use! It works like a charm. Maybe in between videos I can plug in a game to give myself a rest. In all seriousness I could care less if it doesn t work for anything else. It works for the one app I care about. PH!

  40. Samantha

    I ve never had a VR mask before so I was very excited to try this out. I was pretty worried about how I would like it since I wear glasses. Even though my glasses didn t fit while I had the mask on (I didn t expect them to) but even still I didn t have any issues seeing the video.The mask fit comfortably on my head and adjusted to fit my 8 year olds head comfortably as well. The directions were easy to understand.I always thought those facebook videos of those people screaming and running into walls were paid actors just trying to sell the product but I turned into one of those people!I let my son try it out and he was running into walls too! I put on a shark attacking a submarine video and he was trying to run from the shark. Very entertaining for both the person wearing the mask and all of us who are watching!

  41. Elisa Rodriguez

    I received a new VR and a letter of apology from the maker. Which was very nice of them. I did try the new VR sent and it appears to be working well. I did take away a star because It still gave me a headache but that may be on me and not on the product itself. I just tried a new game and it worked quite well.This items does not have a start button it tells you it will start if you stare at the start arrow no I did that on several videos and none started. I cid manage to watch one roller coaster by starting it before inserting it in the holder and it was very slow moving Its not my phone as I have an Apple 11. Sending it back.

  42. Snowpig

    Got this for my kid since she was given a free iPhone 6. She is enjoying the apps she has been able to find. Its a great start for a child that is learning to be responsible with their stuff.

  43. E. Pitlock

    The headset feels sturdy and well built. It s pre-built and all you have to do is thread the straps. The instruction manual has a code that takes you to the app you need to get started.We did return it because we were unable to get the cardboard app to function on our phone. The seller contacted us to tell us to keep them (we had bought two) and they d send a refund and help us fix the issues with the product. Even after explaining it was no fault of theirs and we were satisfied with the product they insisted on giving a 20% discount on another purchase with them to keep satisfied customers. We told them that wasn t necessary of course but the customer service beats the pants off of most experiences with a return.Overall it s what is advertised well-built good focus range and amazing seller customer service and interest in satisfying the customer. Absolutely recommend the product and the seller.

  44. TM

    I very much liked the ease of use of the VR goggles and they were easy to setup. The price was very reasonable and was delivered earlier than expected. The view through the goggles was very realistic as the videos and games that the company recommended on their website worked very well. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

  45. KIDD

    Super nice!! My daughter received this for her 12th birthday. Its reasonably priced and durable. I wasnt paying for some super expensive gadget. Works well with her iPhone 11. She has been able to find videos on YouTube to watch. The visual effects seem so real!!

  46. Aaron Corbitt

    hurts my face because it s heavy and my phone is a little big for it but otherwise it is an excellent product an excellent company call the maid and the only thing it could use is an action button and better cooling options.

  47. kim

    I loved this head set it was my first and I m happy it was it proved to be everything I hope for the set up was easy even for me and it wasn t heavy for me to keep on.. my grandson loves it we actually time each other.just a lot fun..Thinking it s going on my Christmas list for my other grandkids…have fun😁

  48. Dusty

    A good introduction to VR systems and good value for the price. Sturdy plastic construction with wide elastic straps for the head. Lenses are suitable for this range of equipment. A light bit of lubricant at the lens adjustment points and on the mobile phone insertion bracket might be useful.

  49. Janice Harmony

    I haven t used it yet got one for my son & grandson…they both had fun on Christmas day and for several days afterwards…Kept hearing them talk about zombies and walking a tightrope to the empire state bldg racing really fast…Guessing they had a lot of fun..Heard no complaints

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