Pressotherapy Electric EMS Knead and Body Massager Machine


Weight: 510g




Leg Massager with Heat

Temperature: 42 degrees thermostatic
OEM Service:
Smart Calf Pulse Massager

Model: YB-200
Type: EMS, TENS, pulse massager
Color: white
Properties: pulse massage, power supplies by cellphone
Feature: portable, relieve the muscle tense after exercising
Usage: wear the massage on the back calf
Power Supplying: Rechargeable
Dimensions of box: 64*61*34cm
Weight: 675g
Accessories: 1 USB wire, 1 manual, 1 cloth bag Product Video
Pulse massage, 5 different types of pulse massage, hot compress; relieve pain and muscle tense of crus. Massaging and heating work together let you have slender legs. Especially suitable for people who like exercising, such as running, jogging, etc.
Why we use this?
The leg is the part which we use almost every day, walking, jogging, exercising, etc. Stretching does help us to relax the muscle after long-term use leg but relieves the pressure deep inside our muscle, we need a product to assistant. Infrared Calf Leg Heating Pulse Massager Different from the traditional machines, except deep, relaxed muscles, it is specially designed with 2 types of pulse, EMS and TENS pulse.
EMS pulse for relaxing muscles and using digital therapeutic methods to exercise muscle, slim the leg, and make calves shape better Leg Massager with Heat.
TENS pulse for deep massage acupoints of the whole calf, immediately relieve the fatigue of leg and ache after long time use legs.
The heating function helps the EMS and TENS pulse deep inside each pore and acupoints.

5 kinds of massage mode (kneading, warm-up, massage, exercise, automatic)

15 efforts to adjust

Set time for 15 minutes

1000 ma battery

Power voltage of 3.7 V

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