8 Bit Video Game Console (400 Games in 1)


Weight: 180g




Retro Portable Mini Handheld Video Game Console 8-Bit 3.0 Inch Color LCD Kids Color Game Player Built-in 400 games

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4k Support HDMI Video Game Console

Supports For PS1 Built-in 3000 + / 10000 + games. Support PS1/ATARI/MAME/SFC/FC/GBA/GB/GBC/MD game formats. Supports players to customize their favorite games and can play and download games by themselves.
Wireless Classic Family Video Game Controller

The upgraded version of the handle design looks more elegant with added comfort. Built-in 1551 retro games, with two gamepads. Supports adding/saving games allowing for a better gaming experience.

Built-in 800 Classic Games 8 Bit Video Game Console

The game console has 800 FC games, and it can bring multiple gaming experiences. Supports 2 players to play on TV. The classic retro FC style appearance look is very popular! A great gift for friends and family.

Built-in 620 Retro Video 8 Bit Game Console

The game console supports two-player and AV output. Can be used by all ages. This TV game console is upgraded according to the original game console. Stable performance and simple operation.
16 Bit Handheld Game Console Built-in 800 Classic Games

The game console is 16 bit and has 800 classic games with a 3.5-inch screen, supports 5 game formats: NES/SFC/GBA/MAME/MD, and supports TV connection. Equipped with a 1020mAh rechargeable battery.

Supports TV Connection

The digital multi-platform device you choose to play on should be equipped with AV OUT interfaces for a better gaming experience. 80cm AV cable is included in the package.

Rechargeable Battery Last for 7 Hours

This handheld console comes with a 1020mAh rechargeable lithium battery, allowing for more than 7 hours of battery life. When you are on a business trip, traveling, or camping, you don’t have to worry about running out of power.

3.0-Inch Screen High Definition Display

3.0-inch high definition display, ensuring portability, while also incorporating a sense of comfort. Not too bulky or too small. Tailored for not only children but adult gamers as well.

Portable and Easy to Carry

Ultra-slim and compact design, mini enough for you to carry around easily.

High Sensitive Button

All game players have passed the strict repeat keystrokes test, ensuring good performance of the buttons, providing stability, and zero game delay.

The high sensibility and an accuracy action button, giving you the fastest gaming experience.

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