Road Cycle Smart Wireless Waterproof Speedometer


Weight: 220g




Magene C406 Bicycle GPS Computer MTB Road Cycle-Smart Wireless Waterproof Speedometer Garmin Bike Accessories

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Note: The speed unit of this version is km/h not miles/h; before using C406 for the first time, you must download the Magene Utility from Google Play or Apple Store!

The Best 2.5-inch Screen: Adopts a 2.5-inch automatic backlight high-definition large screen design, which can present more data items and make the data more visible. Black, Blue, Red, Orange. According to the different tastes of each person, C406 provides four classic colors for you to choose from. There is always one for you. Waterproof, splash-proof, dust-proof, carefully crafted, without fear of wind and rain.

Four Satellite Positioning Systems: Support GPS, Beidou, Galileo, and Glonass global navigation systems. Fast positioning within 30 seconds, allowing you to take every step with confidence. Calculate the sunrise and sunset time based on GPS information, support Bluetooth and GPS automatic time calibration, and the time information is accurate. (Note: The positioning speed is affected by the weather and other conditions change.)

Comprehensive Data and Setting Functions: 9 types of 37 optional professional data. Provide power estimation, support power meter, and lap counting functions, and support bilateral power meter data recording. Whether you are an entry, advanced, or professional training user, C406 can meet your requirements.

Compatible with “ANT+ and Bluetooth sensors”: C406 is a bike computer that supports ANT+ protocol connection, and also supports Bluetooth speed, cadence, heart rate, and power sensor connections. It supports binding multiple sensors, and multiple sensors of the same type can be bound. You can also pair this bike computer with Magne Utility or Strava apps to obtain and share data.


Colors: red, blue, orange, black

Screen size: 2.5 inches

Size: 7.7*5.5*1.8cm

Weight: 80g

Automatic backlight: Yes

Automatic timer: Yes

Button number : 3

Buzzer: Yes

Waterproof: IPX6

Wireless connectivity: ANT+ / Bluetooth 4.0

Screen type: LCD

Training functions: lap count, heart rate warning, the battery warning

Compatible peripherals: speed sensor, pedal sensor, heart rate sensor, power meter

Charging method: Micro USB

Internal sensors: atmospheric pressure altimeter, temperature sensor

Battery: Lithium polymer, 1000mAh/3.7Wh

Charging time: 3.5 hours (supports charging and use)

Operating time: 30 hours

GPS: 4 stars (Compass, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo)

Customized page numbers: 30 pages

Data displayed in the app: 37 types of data; 14 analysis charts

Storage capacity: 8M

Data displayed by computer: 9 categories (power, pedaling frequency, speed, heart rate, slope, distance, altitude, time, laps); 37 sorts (average data, maximum data, etc.)

GPS positioning speed: takes 90 seconds the first time. Normal 30 seconds. (maybe affected by changing conditions such as weather)

Data export and sharing: One lap Fitness, Strava (data can be exported and shared via App)

Operating temperature: -10°C – 50°C

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