Smart Anti Snoring Nose Device With Silicon Nasal


Weight: 90g




Anti Snoring Devices

Double Eddy Fan Smart Anti Snoring Nose Device With Silicon Nasal Plug ZHQ-008


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Electric Anti Snoring Device
Color:Blue & White
Material: ABS + Silicone
Weight: 73g
Function: anti-snoring

Relieve Snoring This is a new breathable anti-snoring device. If your partner keeps complaining about snoring and you want a more comfortable snoring solution, maybe you can try to understand us with superb craftsmanship and superb techniques snoring set

Soft Flexible and Comfortable Nose Vent Plugs Our snoring nose vents plug are made with natural silica gel material that flexes and bends to provide proper comfort and fit.

The anti-snore device is soft and comfortable to touch without deformation. You can wear the anti-snoring device directly as it doesn’t need to shape

Improve Breathing Air With special scientific design, our snore snoring solution nose vent plug not only prevent snoring, but also have built-in activated carbon filters to effectively filter PM2.5 in the air, and nasal strips provide you healthy air.

Let you sleep in a clean and room all night with this anti-snoring device

Important Instructions Having a new item in the nose during sleep may take some getting used to.

So give yourself a few days to allow you to fully adjust to breathing with the device in and see improvements in your quality of sleep and snoring

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Anti Snoring Devices

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