Tuya Robot Cleaner Strong Suction Wifi Connectivity Compatible with Alexa Google Assitant Self-Charging App Remote

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Tuya Robot Vacuum

Features OF Tuya Robot Vacuum :

  • Voice & App Control Robotic Cleaner — Therefore the This wifi-connected robotic cleaner can work with the tuya app to control via smartphone, you can plan the clean machine from any time anywhere. And the robotic vacuum cleaner compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant controls the clean machine just by simple words.
  • 3-in-1 Wet & Dry Robotic Cleaner — One-button start, automatic sweeping, mopping, vacuum. Dual edge brushes extend the reach of the vacuum and rotate to catch dirt and debris in corners and on the hardwood floor, reduce omissions, and improve cleaning. After sweep and vacuum, you can attach the mop to clean liquid or use a wet mop to make a comprehensive cleaning.
  • Route Plan Function — Intelligent clean machine with multiple smart path modes include U-shaped cleaning, edge cleaning, Auto-cleaning, and spot cleaning modes. Easily control via your phone and convenient to deal with different cleaning issues. Low repetition, 90-120 square meters high coverage cleaning area.
  • Multiple Advantages — So, then they Touch to start working support presetting function to start as you want, Anti-drop function, a robot vacuum will turn back as it detects stairs, avoid falling damage; Anti-collision, omnidirectional obstacles detect, automatic avoidance obstacles and front soft bumper protection furniture.
  • Powerful Suction — Robotic vacuum boasts a high suction, which has the ability to suck up pet hair, dirt, and fine dust with ease. USB rechargeable 2000mAh large lithium battery support up to 120min  of cleaning time, enough to cover a large home of up to 120 square meters.
    Self-Charging — Intelligent back to charge when it detects the low battery. Worry-free cleaning.


Plug: EU/US (optional)
Color: White/Black (optional)
Battery: 2000mAh
Charging Time: 5-6h
Working Time: 90-120min
Clear Area:  about 120m^2
Power Input: 5V 1A
Working Voltage: DC 8.4V
Power: ≤ 16W
Dust Box: 350ml
Noise: 65db
Charging Station: 145*130*75mm/5.7*5.1*3.0in
Item Size: 270*270*75mm/10.6*10.6*3.0in
Item Weight: 1384g/3.1lb


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  1. L.Gladkowski

    I received my vacuum and is has been wonderful. I had some trouble linking it with wifi but when I put my phone in airplane mode it seemed to set up easier. If you have set up issues follow the steps on the website. Our first cleaning went great, this little robot really cleaned up. I read many reviews before making a purchase and I have to say that they were all true. My dog, who never let me vacuum, ignores it and he would bark his head off with the push vacuum. The sound is not bad. It moves from wood floors through thresholds and over area rugs with ease. just make sure wires are off the ground as it will get tangled up. I love that I can follow up with a quick dust mopping and my house stays clean! Alexa starts, stops and will have Deebot charge with a simple command. I only wish I could rename it for Alexa in the Alexa app. Update: the deebot will not operate over dark/black rugs.My sons room has a patterned rug and the Deebot will not go over the black sections.Update: There is a fix on the vacumm website to tape white paper over the sensors. This does work to keep the cleaner from stopping on dark carpets. But it also ontinues to run when you pick it up and it went over my Patio foor jam down on my patio and heading for a swim in my pool. So besure to take the tape off if you are not monitoring it.

  2. David

    Cada vez son mas las personas que conozco que me hablaban maravillas de este tipo de aparatos y sabiendo q yo tengo dos perros en casa no dejaban d recomendarmelo.. habia visto varios pero nunca terminaba de animarme a comprarlo, no estaba seguro si la inversion compensaria.. pues bien, ahora que llevo 1 semana usandolo, no podria vivir sin el. La puesta en marcha es sencilla, viene con mando a distancia y una app desde la que puedes controlarlo desde tu telefono. Hoy por ejemplo, al salir de casa me he acordado de que no lo habia puesto, pues he sacado mi telefono, le he dado a su modo automatico y cuando he llegado, piso limpio. Es una pasada todo lo que recoge, os dejo una foto de la primera vez que lo puse, y os aseguro que barro cada dia y friego cada dos.
    Algunos dicen que hace un pelin de ruido, a mi no me lo parece, y como ademas lo puedes poner cuando no estas en la casa, pues menos molesto aun. De verdad que lo recomiendo a todo el mundo.

  3. L.Gladkowski

    I’ve been thinking of purchasing a “robo vac” for a couple of years but was hesitant mainly due to price. After reading other reviews on Amazon, I chose this brand and model. So far, so good! It’s not that noticeable as it finds it’s way around my house in what seems like a random pattern. My main level is 2000 sq. ft. “open concept”, so it has lots of room to roam. My 3 dogs ignore it or move out of the way when it heads in their direction. There hasn’t been any doggie drama at all. It transitions easily from my hardwood flooring to carpet to area rugs. It’s gotten trapped behind some tight places or on an electrical cord a time or two. What amazes me is it fills the dirt cup every day! How did I not notice that much dirt, dust and dog hair before? This vac runs about 1 1/2 hrs, recharges itself & sometimes I send it out for another round. I’m glad I finally bought one. If you’ve been thinking that you might need one, just do it.

  4. L.Gladkowski

    This vacuum works on all types of floors! I have mostly hardwood with some light rugs, and the Deebot handles that well. It works on the brick pavers in the bathrooms, and on the thick plush carpet in the bedrooms. The Deebot automatically adjusts suction power to meet the needs of the room and it very rarely gets stuck. Ususually it will only get stuck when it passes under furniture with very low clearance. The Deebot is fully controllable through the Ecovacs app, and I can turn it on and monitor its battery level from anywhere. The deebot has never fallen off a ledge and it works in all lighting levels even complete darkness. Clean up is fairly simple, the dust bin is removable and you can just dump the debris in the trash.

  5. Mike

    Did a LOT of research on robot vacuums before finally purchasing this one. LOVE IT for many reasons:
    – cleans better than expected
    – navigates the rooms in our house very well
    – can go over a pretty steep threshold between our living room and kitchen
    – cleans carpets very well
    – finds its docking station pretty much every time
    – slim fit means it goes under every piece of furniture we own – and I hardly ever cleaned under these (yuck!)
    – simple and useable app on my iPhone – can schedule it to turn on whenever you want, any day of the week. Also, you can turn it on from anywhere!
    – quiet – not too intrusive even when watching a movie in the same room

  6. Natking

    Absolutely love this thing. I have it set to run at 1:30am while the family sleeps and boy does thing (I named mine Suckatron), do its job! I got this on sale for $199 on here, but I don’t see the need for Alexa connectivity. The app does just fine. These people crying about it, seriously, it’s stupid.
    I’ve had it for about two weeks now and it’s finally not filling up as much on the overnight cleaning, which makes me happy. It blows my mind the amount of hair and dirt this thing picks up. We have two dogs and a cat, along with a 2 month old and a 2 year old. I just have to pick up any loose items and wires in the living room, dining room, and kitchen and block the bottom of the fridge (it tends to get jammed under the door and gets stuck), and this little wonder cleans up like a champ
    This guy is mighty and worth every penny. If I manage to keep this for over a year, which I’m sure I will, this thing will have cost me less than a $1/day and I can’t put a value on my or my wife’s time that we save with cleaning. I could go on and on, but I won’t. It awesome. You’re silly if you don’t buy this guy. The N79 version probably does just fine, I just happened to catch this one for practically the same price, so that’s why I went for it.

  7. PaulHunter

    This is absolutely the best thing I’ve EVER purchased. My husband was annoyed at first claiming it was frivolous and unnecessary…but after we followed it around for an hour the first day, we can’t believe we ever lived without it. We have it set to run at 7am after we leave for work… we empty it when we get home and have perfect carpet lines in our area rug and clean corners, but have it set to run again at 7 pm after dinner. My dog doesn’t care about it, it’s relatively quiet, and it just plain WORKS. I love that it’s connected to Alexa, so if I’m home and feel like it needs to run again, I can say, “Alexa, have Rosie start cleaning” and off she goes. If you’re on the fence about this, just buy it. You won’t regret it. My only regret is that I didn’t pull the trigger and order sooner. I just can’t believe how much better I feel about life when my corners aren’t dusty and I have vacuum lines. It’s really the perfect invention.

  8. LeoSantos

    Our “Beeboot” as my wife has renamed it is awesome!! Way exceeded our expectations. I did a lot of research and compared pros and cons with various brands and models and this was truly the best(especially for the price)! It has WiFi for app control, it connects with Alexa, and comes with a remote. My wife vacuumed with our Dyson before hand to tidy up a bit and not overwhelm Beeboot. We still had to empty out his dust bin twice that first time. Keep in mind we have 4 German shepherds and a cat. So now we run Beeboot nightly to clean and he does his own thing while we watch tv. My shepherds just lay around until Beeboot comes around and know enough to move when he comes their way. My cat just hides until Beeboot is done.

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